Ladies of St Kilda

It’s about time we celebrate some of the impactful ladies of St Kilda. The area has always been known for being ahead of the curve, and slightly left of centre. Let’s shine the spotlight on some of those powerful women that have had a real positive impact on this patch of earth we call St Kilda. 1. The Lady of St Kilda If you ever walk down Balaclava – or

Punk Publishing

Exploring zine culture in the depths of St Kilda I originally wrote this as an article for the May 2018 edition of St Kilda News. This is a piece about the emerging zine culture in the St Kilda area. Sipping a frothy latte on a perfectly vintage crate in a perfectly vintage cafe, I realised something. I was tired. Tired of the carefully created and curated content dominating my vision:

Inktober 2017

This is the third time I’ve tried Inktober.  The first two times were fails. I’d go in, and after 5 or 6 entries, drop out. This time, however, despite an even busier month than previous, I was able to do 22 of the 31 days, which I think is a good achievement!  Success was all about focus. I literally made the drawings part of my life. Instead of turning Inktober

Walk, Eat, Draw: Sketching Japan

My eyes followed the gesture of his wrinkled finger, upward squinting eyes, out the window, through the village, skimming over roofs and trees. And then the mountain shape. A proud mountain, partly covered in shimmering forest; alternating with yellowing areas, caps of grass.