Contemporary Impressionism

Art made from life

Contemporary Impressionism

Art Inspired from Life

Contemporary Impressionism

Art made from life.

Robert Scholten is a contemporary impressionistic artist known for his energetic and expressive brushwork. He strives to capture the essence of fleeting moments, infusing them with vibrant colors and dynamic textures. Working across various mediums, primarily in watercolor, oil/acrylic, ink, and brush, Robert explores the interplay between light, atmosphere, and emotion.

Latest Blog Articles

Embracing the Bohemian Spirit: Painting a Plein Air Cafe Scene in Fitzroy’s Brunswick Street

Fitzroy, with its bohemian charm and vibrant art scene, provides an endless source of inspiration for artists. As I wandered through the bustling streets, I stumbled upon a captivating street corner on Brunswick Street. Here, an ornate lamp post stood as a silent...

Morning Glow: Painting a Plein Air Cafe Scene on Rose Lane, Melbourne

Welcome back to my art blog, where I share my creative journey and the stories behind my paintings. In this post, I invite you to join me on a tranquil morning adventure as I set up my easel on Rose Lane, Melbourne, capturing the magical ambiance of a cafe scene...

Mosaic Mentorship

A look at my mosaic mentorship with artist Bev Plowman.

700 Bottle People

Video Interview: Christina Darras I made this artist spotlight video on Christina Darras' recent installation at Craft Victoria. Features an interview as well as the process behind the scenes.

Latest Work

Breanna Sleeping ink drawing

Breanna Sleeping

Flinders St Train Bridges ink drawing

Flinders St Train Bridges

Melbourne ink drawing

Melbourne View

Guildford Lane ink drawing

Guildford Lane

melbourne skyline night ink drawing

Melbourne Skyline at Night

Breanna Daydream ink drawing

Breanna Daydreaming

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Robert Scholten is an Australian artist, from Melbourne, who is a painter, printmaker, muralist and illustrator. Robert works in his own brand of abstract realism, conveying observed experience by combining abstraction and figuration in layered, painterly compositions.